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Parenting Lesson - #1 - Career Momma Turned Frazzled Quarantine Homeschooler

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

I can admit it. I feel like I am often failing as a homeschooler. When will life be back to normal? Am I not smarter than a first and second-grader? Will common-core and new-age educational teaching techniques REALLY defeat me? Will the plethora of online required education resources (Clever, Flipgrid, Lexia Core5, Seesaw, Think Central, and XtraMath to just name a few) AND multiple Zoom Meeting schedules throw me off my highly organized game? Why am I more exhausted than when I worked 55+ hours per week? Is big brother seeing this craziness and documenting my every mishap? Please, no, please!

For nearly 17 years, I successfully trained adults on hospitality systems, programs, products, and procedures. I conducted seminars, gave speeches, wrote proposals, designed programs from scratch, served as a Director on the Executive Team, and was a company voice for competitive change. Is it possible that I have lost my touch after only a few months out of the workplace? Can it REALLY be that these two little ones require such a different technique? Were my ears clogged during all the IEP and SST meetings when my children's educators were sharing the tips and techniques they use to aid our children? Remote island - was I on you?

Just to set the stage a little bit...

Both our beautiful children have Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (known as ADHD). What does this mean for them and our household? We are continually in motion. Our trampoline was one of our greatest gifts until it broke a few months back. We are always on repeat for instructions. It is a broken record around here. We lose things. The hunt for the must-have pencil or tiny piece to complete a set is a daily occurrence. We are distracted by all our surroundings. I pray the cat is hiding during school time and class Zoom meetings, or you will find my child under the bed versus participating. We have a difficult time organizing our thoughts and learning. After nearly three years of tutoring, we are still struggling with sounds. We often lack patience. I need it now. Sitting for an extended activity makes us crazy. We would much rather be up wrestling or doing summersaults on the sofa. We want to touch everything. It is all a mystery. We just want to be. Praise be to the man upstairs for His grace over this household and these two precious gifts.

Inattention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity is a real thing. Our educators deserve far more recognition for their role in our children's lives. As I wrap up my eighth week as a 'homeschooler,’ I can honestly say I have had some significant bouts with frustration. How on earth do they handle a classroom of twenty plus, and I am holding on by a thread to complete each school day with two? How are they getting these little sponges to soak up the information and desire more?

For the last eight weeks, I have learned more about myself and my little ones than I ever knew. Yes, it has been hard, but it also has been a cherished gift. This time has allowed me to pour into my children in a way that has lacked. Have I always loved my children? Of course, and without a shadow of a doubt. Do they make my heart sing when I think about how amazing they are and what sweet souls they have? You bet. It brings me to tears.

I may not be the best homeschooler. I may occasionally oversleep, mess up the schedule, miss a Zoom meeting, accidentally hit send on a due assignment before it is complete, miss an email from the teacher, misread a school problem and solve it incorrectly, but hey I'm human. I am just a career momma trying desperately to navigate her way through this new journey, with her beautiful children who need a bit more understanding, and hopefully, create some fun memories to laugh about down the road! Eight weeks in, and I am looking forward to many more to come! The gift given is an unfiltered time with my children. Thank you quarantine. Yes, I would like you to go away, but please also stay.

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All the best,


*This post was written in May of 2020 and is just now being shared :-).*

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