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Parenting Lesson - #2 - Oh no! We're Back to School and Momma is not Ready!

My brain is racing. Did a year really pass by and did I make the best of it? Am I ready to send them back? Are they ready for the new school normal of masks, social distancing, disinfecting, and plexiglass desk stations? Have we made the right decision?

I think as a parent it is normal to reflect on your day with your children. This last year has left me with so many reflections; especially when it comes to the kids being home for school. While I would never wish for this last year to have been spent working and not with my kids, the truth is…it has been incredibly hard. I have had so many exhausted and burnt-out moments. I have sighed one too many times too loudly. I have rubbed my eyes and rested my head in my hands not thinking about little eyes always on the watch.

I pray my children will look back on this year and know mom and dad did their best and parents are not exempt from making mistakes. I hope they will remember us sitting next to them and helping them with their assignments (and sometimes doing them incorrectly). I look forward to our dinner table laughter down the road when they mention us parents being frazzled when we could not get their Zoom link working or trying to figure out how to get them off mute. Oh, the stories we could tell, and I do hope we do!

For our children…

We still have you, little ones at home for a bit longer! Your asynchronous Mondays will be a day for mommy and daddy to help you and in the afternoons the remainder of the week too. I will continue to work on keeping my sighs to myself. I will remind myself daily of this cherished time as I so easily forget and put down the to-do list more. I am looking forward to Spring afternoons in our new backyard with you.

We are so proud of you! You have rocked this last year and worked so hard!

To our big boy, your reading has improved so much and you have become a little math wizard! You are so inquisitive and learning so quickly. You have had extremely long days with extra meetings with your Speech, OT, and RSP Teachers, but you have done it! We know it was not easy sitting still with all your wiggles, but you have been a champ!

To our little lady, your journal writings are simply amazing! We love reading the stories you write, and you have become quite the artist with all your drawings! You are learning your site words and reading is just around the corner. We are also so proud of you for sitting still independently throughout the day and doing so well with your extra Speech and RSP Teachers.

We love you! It is time for you to be back in school. Mommy is struggling with this decision, but we believe it is for the best. It is time to meet some new friends and be on campus at your new school for the first time since we moved. You will be okay. We know wearing a mask is no fun, but it is necessary. We know standing 6 feet away from your friends and Teachers seems weird, but you can do it and it will be okay. Be brave. Smile big under your mask. Be joyful. Mommy is going to do the same. God is good. We are blessed and a new chapter has begun in this book of our life. What a great story we will have to tell!


Mommy and Daddy

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Written - 3/12/21

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