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Professional Organizing

Let's get you organized!

Do you love the KonMari Method™, watching The Home Edit with Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, or are you a follower of Dorothy the Organizer from the Hoarders show?


These ladies are our inspiration amongst many others in our profession! While we mainly utilize our own methods based on our education and experiences, we often implement methods you may see from these top organizers on their shows.


If you are inspired by the KonMari Method™, love the ROYGBIV color method used by Clea and Joanna, or you are fond of a system used by Dorothy, let us know and we will be happy to implement it with our project plan.


We feel organization is more than decluttering your space and then moving on to the next project. Without learning long-term solutions and understanding the systems in place, often the items will roll back in bringing your area back to its original state. You do not want this to happen and we do not as well!


Our process includes you the entire way.

It is your space, your belongings, and only you know how it needs to function. It is imperative for us to understand your goals, your needs, what items are daily necessities, what are prized heirlooms can be stored, and what items you would love to adorn your home. 

This is not a journey of stripping your life of your needs or prized possessions.

Yes, you may have to decide to donate, recycle, sell, or let go of items if there is just no space or solutions to meet your desired results, but this does not mean moving you towards minimalism. In fact, we often find with the right solutions and systems in place, clients can store more than they had imagined. As you can see from Oxford Languages that the definitions of declutter and organize simply mean to remove unnecessary items and bring structure to the whole.

Offered Services






  1. remove unnecessary items from (an untidy or overcrowded place).






  1. arrange into a structured whole; order.

How It All Works

We specialize in:


Closets and Storage Areas, Bathrooms, Kitchens, Laundry Rooms, Living and Family Rooms, Home Offices, Pantries, Playrooms, Home Management Systems and Tools, and General Decluttering and Organizing Methods. 

Are you a teacher? Interested in having your classroom organized before school starts or do you need a refresh mid-year? We would love to help!


Currently, we are not offering electronic organizing. We hope to provide this service very soon!

We offer the following services:


  1. Service Packages: Organizing Mini, Moderate, and Mega. 

  2. Complete space transformation with space planning, customized products, and new systems. 

  3. We happily provide checklists, workbooks, and various tips and tricks based on your project needs! We want this to be a life-long success story for you!

Don't see the service you are looking for above? Give us a shout to see if we can offer it! We are open to new opportunities.

Our Process



FREE 30 Minute
Meet & Greet Online Zoom Call
to share our services and learn about your project.



If you love us (and we hope you do!), we will schedule an on-site consultation (if needed) to learn
more about the space, take measurements, snap pictures, and game plan.

1666570357-huge (1).jpg


We will provide you with a quote for our services and any recommended products to aid in meeting your goals.



Once the contract has been
signed, we will get you on the
calendar for your big day!

General fee guidelines:

  • If needed after our Meet & Greet Zoom call: $100 for a 1-hour on-site consultation and $150 for two hours.

  • Product selection and purchasing are charged at $55 per hour.

  • The on-site organizing rate is $65 per hour.

  • An after-hour rate of $75 per hour (after 6 pm) will apply.

  • An appointment cancellation fee without a 48-hour notice will be charged based on the services scheduled for that day.

  • Please note: We have a minimum charge of 4 hours per day depending on the type of project.

  • For locations requiring more than 20 miles each way, a reduced hourly rate of $35 per hour will be charged for travel time and to cover mileage per Organizer/Team Member on your project.

  • Trash removal and/or donation services can be organized at a fee. 

The above fee outline serves as a basic guideline. We understand your project is unique! We will work with you for the best solution. 

We are also Interior Decorators! If you wish to incorporate this service into your organization package, read more on our Interior Decorating page.

"Organization isn't about perfection it's about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money, and improving your overall quality of life."


 - Christina Scalise

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